We brought the Anthropy vision to life, helping drive real change in Britain


Anthropy 2022


To deliver the first-ever Anthropy event, a three-day summit held at the Eden Project in Cornwall, which aimed to drive positive change in Britain after the social and economic impacts of Covid-19 and Brexit.


The concept of Anthropy was to invite senior leaders from a multitude of sectors and get them out of their silos and detached from their egos, in order to ideate and debate crucial topics in Britain today such as education, health, sustainability and media.

After mobilising a network of 250 people across sectors, the UK’s largest crowd sourced agenda was created. 1000 ‘Anthropists’ attended the three-day summit whereby high calibre speakers such as Sadiq Khan, Mary Portas, Lord Hastings and Kamal Ahmed hosted 184 collaborative sessions. The event was held in the renowned and inspiring Eden Project – the perfect backdrop for such a monumental event and the first time in history that they’ve closed their doors to the public.

This game-changing inaugural event achieved over 1 billion in media reach, made a splash on socials reaching over 20 million users and will form the basis for a framework being presented at the House of Lords in this year.

We were thrilled to have been a part of the Anthropy journey from the beginning – from helping develop the brand, raising funds, recruiting and training the 100-strong onsite volunteer team, to managing the full event delivery and logistics. 

Off of the back of the success of the inaugural event, we’re ecstatic to say that we’ve been appointed as Anthropy’s delivery partner for the next three years!

TRO were my chosen delivery partner for what is being recognised as the most significant post-Covid pandemic gathering of cross sector leaders concerned about the future of Britain.

They were incredibly flexible on a host of matters, continually stepped forwards to solve issues beyond their brief and used their creativity and imagination not just to bring Anthropy to life, but to do so on behalf of the many additional stakeholders and sponsors.

TRO’s efforts undoubtedly helped influence the leadership of Britain who attended. As an example of how the very best event management can influence the very best of Britain’s leadership, I can say they are an exemplar of all that is best in the sector.

John O’Brien

Anthropy Founder