We took VR inside the human body with a game to encourage healthy living


Vascular Voyage


To educate the general public and healthcare professionals on how lifestyle choices can affect vascular health.


Discussing lifestyle choices can be a topic that’s hard to land with the general public, so we knew we had to create something different in order to create cut-through.

The solution was Vascular Voyage – a virtual reality, gamified, educational experience challenging players to navigate a space ship (think Inner Space!) through an artery.

Along the journey players had to manouevre the ship to avoid objects representing poor lifestlyle choices such as alcohol, cigarettes and fatty foods, whilst at the same time hitting as much of the good stuff as possible – bowls of fruit and running trainers, for example. Hitting the ‘bad’ objects caused visible plaque build up in the artery, making the journey more difficult to navigate.

This fun and engaging game was a subtle way to communicate key messages around vascular health, encouraging a positive affiliation with the topic.