Our interactive touch tables showcased the future of autonomous driving


Explore Autonomy


To communicate BMW’s vision for the future of autonomous driving by bringing to life the story and realities of the envisioned 5 levels of autonomy and demonstrating how they will affect day to day life.


Our interactive touch tables, situated in the BMW Vision Walk experience – which visited multiple events including Formula E races around the world – brought the physical and digital worlds together in an interactive, memorable way, enabling guests to explore autonomy at their own speed.

Guests were prompted to interact with the tables by moving replica BMW vehicles around the surface, with the physical movement of the vehicle purposely designed to encourage engagement and memory retention.

These movements triggered a range of content on the surface of the tables depicting typical scenarios found in everyday life and demonstrating how they would change as the level of autonomy progressed, thereby communicating what is an abstract concept to many people in a setting that they could relate to.