We transformed an aircraft hangar into a Covid-safe brand world to showcase BMW Group’s latest range


2020 Showcase


To launch a whole year’s worth of products in a single event to an automotive, fleet, lifestyle media and influencer audience – during a pandemic.


We developed a strategy where safety and wow factor had equal weight and shaped the event design from the very start, ensuring guests would feel excited but also safe to attend.

We creatively brought together the BMW and MINI brands in a Covid-safe way through a series of distinct districts – including BMW M Town, Electric City and MINI Downtown – connected by a tree lined roadway displaying historic cars. This zoned approach enabled clear product storytelling with relevant CI and theming per district, whilst still uniting the brand under one connected ‘outside, inside’ look and feel.

The zoned space was also designed to manage the flow of the attendees at all times. However, when a regulation was imposed 2 weeks prior that no space, whatever the size, could allow more than 30 people at once, we added the ‘Pit Stop’ – an additional external space which offered a luxurious lounge where guests could relax, grab a coffee and work whilst enjoying views across the airfield, where driving activities were taking place.

With carefully constructed Covid protocols and a pre-defined user journey, over 120 guests were able to have a hands-on experience with the new 4 Series and the wider BMW and MINI range in a welcoming, enjoyable and safe environment, which was reflected in post-event feedback where 98% of guests indicated that they felt completely safe and 95% enjoyed it ‘very much’.