Meet the beast who stole the show at Snowbombing festival




To create a British Airways activation at Snowbombing Festival which they could credibly own and that would resonate with a younger audience by adding value to their overall festival experience.


Enter ‘Britty’, our BA Snowbombing Yeti. Designed to seed our festival presence online, festival-goers were challenged to track down our snowboarding Yeti and snap a selfie with him, uploading it to social media using the hashtag #BAYetiWatch to try and bag themselves some Club Europe flights.

The social engagement created buzz around the brand and our ‘Snowtopia’ experience – the newest ‘destination’ that BA Gatwick fly to. Positioned at the top of the popular Penken Lift, guests could participate in our Super Slingshot game, relax in our recharge area and take some epic photos with the perfect mountain view using our custom Snowtopia frame. The socially-designed experience succeeded in creating a ripple on social media at and beyond the festival, embedding BA as a credible partner for the event.