An epic, once-in-a-lifetime experience that drove sales, headlines & accolades


Guinness Class


To deliver a disruptive, breakthrough activity in the UK on-trade that wowed target consumers and bar owners, with the aim of shifting habitual purchase behaviour and re-invigorating Guinness sales.


Guinness Class: a monumental trial, sales and and ultimately PR campaign that was named by Campaign Magazine as one of their brand experiences that shaped the decade in 2019.

We concurrently deployed 42 teams to on-trade venues that stocked Guinness in 10 cities nationwide every Friday and Saturday night over the course of 3 months. Having completed their disruptive ‘welcome onboard’ announcements, between the hours of 6pm and 8pm our Guinness Class Crews gave Guinness drinkers the chance to win a range of on-the-spot prizes including the ultimate experience; a private jet trip with five friends for a night out in Dublin that very same night.

We visited nearly 5000 venues and had around 85,000 consumer engagements, facilitating 18 private jet experiences over the course of the campaign which created compelling content that both the participants and the brand could share online.

With a low price of entry – that you simply had to have a pint of Guinness to play – and a lofty grand prize, the activity succeeded in positively shifting not only Guinness sales but category sales as a whole.