How strategic use of data helped this campaign drive strong sales and brand impact


Lucozade Energy Taste Tour


To execute an always-on mass trial programme in order to remind existing consumers about the great taste of Lucozade Energy Orange as well as targeting new customers from within the soft drink category.


In order to align with the above the line campaign, the first phase of our nationwide product trial solution, dubbed the ‘Taste Tour’, was geared to help raise awareness of Lucozade’s impactful Lara Croft Tomb Raider partnership, getting the newly-dubbed ‘Larazade’ product into the hands of thirsty consumers.

We then implemented the second phase of the Taste Tour by orchestrating both train station and guerrilla sampling activities, in strategically selected locations around the UK that had a high propensity of soft drink purchases but with a low net purchase rate of Lucozade. Ongoing data monitoring enabled continuous iteration of the activity to drive maximum efficiency and returns.

Across the campaign we distributed over 7 million samples and MONP coupons as well as conducting over 15,000 surveys which showed the Taste Tour campaign as having a positive impact on sales and overall brand perception.