We brought gamified sampling, silent discos and dawn door drops to V Festival


Yes Arena


To help embed the brand within the hearts and minds of young festival-goers around the UK by facilitating shared ‘Yes moments’, as well as creating maximum brand visibility and delivering product samples.


With such a huge amount going on at music festivals, we needed to ensure we stayed front of mind throughout the whole experience. We negotiated multiple brand touchpoints throughout the site to maximise visibility and the opportunity for people to create shared experiences.

The activity had four main elements. Our Energy Exchange, situated near the entrance queues, gamified sampling and merchandising giveaways by asking festival-goers to spin a vinyl on a DJ deck to determine their prize. Our Body Zorbing Bubbles – referencing the fizziness of the product – created an energetic experience to share with friends in person during the daytime. At night, this main experience area was transformed into the Yes Arena, where headline talent – who helped to amplify our activity online – played a silent disco to the delight of thousands of people. In the mornings, whilst people were still sleeping off their previous night’s excitement, our Original Delivery team dropped ice cold bottles of Lucozade at campers’ doors to create a real surprise and delight moment to kickstart their day.

With over 225,000 samples handed out, tens of thousands of visitors to our Yes Arena, and many more happy festival-goers revelling in our Lucozade merchandise, it is fair to say the summer went off with a bang!