How we used AR and gamification to create a surge in trial and advocacy


Prague Prices


To support the launch of the new lighter tasting pilsner brand by creating a dual approach campaign that educated bartenders whilst facilitating consumer sampling and driving sales.


We assembled a crack team of credible, charismatic ambassadors whose role it was to deliver a two-pronged trial and education programme in Pravha outlets throughout the country.

Visiting over 1000 on-trade venues, the first part of our visit was to educate and inspire bartenders about the product, creating advocacy within an influential audience. To create cut-through we developed an innovative Augmented Reality engagement through which we could deliver the brand story in a unique and engaging way. A bespoke map of Prague folded out to reveal a series of AR triggers through which staff could learn about the heritage and key selling points of the product.

To drive sales and engagement with consumers, we created Prague Prices. This was a simple but fun trial engagement whereby all who sipped a sample could play a digital game to give them the opportunity of winning a pint of Pravha for 70p – the old price of a pint in Prague.

The activation was such a success that the client extended the length of the programme beyond its initial 6 month period, during which time we distributed over 42,000 samples and trained thousands of bartenders in the process.