We dropped into iconic locations so our audience could Snap unforgettable memories


Spectacles Bot Drop


To support the European launch of the highly coveted Snap Sunglasses by driving awareness and purchase in key markets across the continent.


The youth audience often miss out on truly enjoying special moments as they are busy filming through their mobile devices. Spectacles by Snap solved this challenge. So, to get eyeballs on (and behind) the highly coveted sunglasses in Europe, we devised a campaign to take the iconic Spectacles Bot to 26 locations in 5 markets throughout summer, supported by an online portal which helped to build hype around our next destination.

Working borderlessly with our international colleagues, we drew upon local knowledge and insights to select locations synonymous with creating memories. From shared live experiences such as music festivals to iconic tourist attractions, our Snap Bot Drops landed to effectively highlight the product’s USP: hands-free content capture, fully enhancing consumers’ live experiences and driving significant sales of the new product.