We transported employees into another dimension to bring company values to life


Hirameki Garden


To develop an internal communications platform for Takeda in order to showcase their key values and company philosophy to 50,000+ employees globally.


Our immersive production studio, Cassette, worked alongside change management company, Daggerwing, to transform Takeda’s existing online environment into an immersive 3D environment with 8 bespoke locations, using our proprietary ‘Virtual View’ online experience platform.

Hosted within the company intranet system, employees were able to navigate around the 3D space visiting areas of the garden to learn more about specific topics through visuals and video content. Cassette were responsible for the design and modelling of the 3D garden, the character creation and animations and the development of the interactive site.

Within the first 3 months of being live the site received 16,000 visits, 164,000 information spot clicks and users spent on average, 5 minutes and 10 seconds exploring the new site.