We inspired inclusion in the face of xenophobia and economic hardship


Always Keep Evolving


To shine a light on stories of courage and optimism within the Asian-American community, during a time of hardship when Covid-19 hit.


Tsingtao is a brand that has long sought to create a community that inspires individuality and inclusion, with a strong distaste for stereotypes and labels, so our colleagues in the US curated ‘Always Keep Evolving’; a 3-part video series, telling the heart-felt stories of 3 New York City chefs going above and beyond to help their community during the pandemic, in the face of rampant xenophobia and economic hardship.

Using a targeted mix of social media, PR and influencers, the campaign was a massive success, hitting 180% of projected impressions, 500% of projected reach, and 700% of projected engagements. And most importantly, Tsingtao’s sales doubled week over week after the campaign launched.