Our nationwide ‘Power to the Pizza’ events put smiles on students’ faces, bringing people together in a bid to drive rebooking


Power to the Pizza


To create a stand out campaign for Unite Students that would encourage students to rebook for 2022-2023.


With an overarching campaign and key messaging – ‘Are You With Us?’ – in place, we set to work creating a sticky event idea that could be rolled out at Unite properties all around the country. ‘Power to the Pizza’ was born, playing on the idea of creating a movement that would bring students together over something they could all buy into: free pizza.

We designed an event toolkit, enabling us to create larger events in priority areas as well as scaled-down versions – with the same look and feel – that could be activated by existing property teams. We delivered a mammoth 87 events across 8 days, providing students with free pizza (over 74,000 slices to be exact), bubble tea and live music as well as simple but engaging activities such as a favourite student experience voting mechanic and sticker message walls, which reinforced the benefits of living together in a Unite property.

Our solution was truly end to end, as not only did we design and build a number of event kits that toured the UK, but we also provided close to 80 brand ambassadors to staff the core events, all of which contributed to some fantastic rebooking figures for Unite.

Working with TRO was seamless from start to finish. The speed at which they were able to move was amazing, integrating quickly with an existing agency team to propose and activate a creative experience which really delivered for the business and formed a key part of an integrated, nationwide campaign. We look forward to working together again.

Gemma Mason

Head of Marketing, Unite Students