How our AR experience combined colouring in and car customisation in family friendly fun


Colour and Play


During the launch of the new V60, a traditional family vehicle, Volvo were looking for ways to keep children entertained in dealerships, freeing up parents to explore the product at their leisure.


We wowed children and parents alike with our augmented reality (AR) take on the classic colouring book, entertaining children through new and exciting technologies with the familarity of an everyday activity.

After colouring in a picture of the new V60 in any design and colour that they could dream up, little artists could open the Colour and Play app on provided tablets. When the camera was focused on their image, the outline model of the car on the screen would come to life before their eyes, dressed in the colours from the drawing. But the journey didn’t stop there.

Users could then interact with the augmented reality vehicle by opening doors, honking the horn and setting it off for a drive, which served to stimulate the imagination and keep the little ones entertained for just that little bit longer.