With over 20 years experience, TRO Staffing is the award-winning staffing division of The Shared Experience Agency, TRO.

Creating moments that bring people together in person, online and in culture, our ‘humans-first’ approach is at the core of everything that we stand for. We provide a range of staff for the event, experiential marketing, retail and leisure industries to include; Event Managers, Brand Ambassadors, Sales Specialists and more.

Each and every brand and business has their own individual identity, as do humans. Whether we’re recruiting for a one-off event or a long-term brand specialist, we creatively tailor our selection, scheduling and management to suit each individual brief and align with our clients’ core values. 

Meet the staffing team

Why us?

Giving responsibility to a staffing agency to bring any brand alive ‘in real life’ requires significant trust. TRO understands this importance, therefore whether we are recruiting for a one-off event or long-term retail programme, our ‘humans first’ approach is applied to every single element of campaign delivery.

Gemma Moore

Staffing Director

Kerri Gee

Senior Talent Manager

Building a connection from the very beginning of their recruitment journey means we understand where our ambassadors are best placed and can match roles with the work they love to deliver. 

Immersive training sets the foundation of how we expect a campaign to be delivered; complimented by the TRO School of Experience to further elevate staff performance.

Rewarding and keeping our staffing community connected is key to our winning formula and allows us to retain the best possible staff to represent your brand.

At the centre of everything we do is our diverse community of passionate ambassadors – all carefully selected, fully engaged, super connected and highly trained with one purpose in mind… to become the best advocates for your brand.

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