To showcase BMW’s game changing i5 to media and other stakeholders and provide a halo moment for the entire group’s fully electric portfolio – all while creating a carbon-neutral event, in-line with BMW’s sustainability commitment.


We combined a unique space, a seamless test drive experience and an insightful content agenda to create an event that had huge media impact and low environmental impact, meeting multiple brand and product objectives in one fell swoop. 


Our creative concept was formed around the idea of ‘Circularity’. We crafted circular zones, also referred to as ‘roundabouts’, which showed each product group clearly – allowing visitors to see them in all their glory. We also introduced semi-transparent, circular drapes throughout key venue touchpoints, which provided a canvas for our innovation. By using projections, the drapes were dramatically lit, cleverly creating atmosphere and signage at the same time.


Ultimately though, participation would be key to driving coverage and hype for BMW’s i5 and electric portfolio, so we teamed up with IDPR to link car keys to guest lanyards – helping to create a seamless and slick experience that put attendees in the driving seat.


But that’s not all. The experience not only had to be great for the people attending, but also for the planet. We achieved carbon neutral status through sourcing our catering and power locally; reusing assets from previous events, as well as being conveniently located just 5 miles from BMW’s HQ, reducing our event transport.


All in all, the showcase generated significant media coverage and engagement for all the right reasons. With 88 i5 first drives and 183 journalist test drives, the event achieved a UK media reach of nearly 10 million, (translating to a PR value of over £550,000) and equally as important, in line with BMW’s sustainability commitments, it was certified as carbon neutral.