We took the Tango League to Moscow and smashed streaming records for the Telstar launch


From Street to Stadium: Global Tango League Meet & Telstar ’18 World Cup OMB Launch


This was a brief of two halves: to create a once-in-a-lifetime event for the top global Tango Leaguers that would capture the excitement of their audience, and to create a launch event that would satisfy the world media’s hunger for visual impact, creating a buzz that would ripple across the world.


The young Tango League creators’ motivation to showcase their talent and unique personal brand was driven by ego and adidas could help give them the ultimate bragging rights. We provided inspiring opportunities to elevate their social media influence – on a global scale. We created a series of innovative challenges spread throughout the urban environment of Moscow, all purposely designed for great content creation, enabling players to refine and show off their street style, football ability and ultimately create a personal brand.​

​Capitalising on the players’ competitive nature, the best creators over the two-day event were given the opportunity to perform on the biggest stage of all; to launch ​​the Telstar ’18 Official World Cup Match Ball to the world at our OMB launch event, shoulder to shoulder with adidas’ best global talent including Lionel Messi and Zinedine Zidane as well as influential rap star Pusha T and rising Russian hip-hop artist Obladaet.​

A series of distinct zones enabled us to created spaces which heroed adidas’ latest World Cup kit designs, challenges attendees to test their skills against the Tango Leaguers, and create unique content to share online. The event culminated in a spectacular reveal of the Telstar ‘18 using 3D holographic technology with 120 of the world’s football media ready to capture the moment. Live coverage was streamed via YouTube, amplifying the event across the globe and becoming the most viewed adidas live content ever.​​